SketchUp Go

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SketchUp Go

SketchUp for Web - Versatile 3D design software in the browser!

For hobbyists and smaller professionals who would like more than just drawing, SketchUp Go is excellent! SketchUp Go gives you access to SketchUp for Web. This is the 3D modeling software that makes designing so much fun.

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SketchUp for Web runs entirely in the browser, requiring no software installation. It also has no high-end hardware requirements and works on both Windows and a Mac.

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Trimble Connect

To open and save files, SketchUp Go gives you access to Trimble Connect. This allows you to save all your drawings in a structured way and share them with others.

If you want to open an existing SketchUp file stored on your PC, this is no problem either. SketchUp Go gives you the ability to open files from your PC.
SketchUp for iPad







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SketchUp for iPad

With the SketchUp Go subscription, you also get access to SketchUp for iPad. Save your files in Trimble Connect and open them on the iPad to then take your design outside and edit or present it on location.







Importing and exporting various file formats

When using the SketchUp Go subscription with SketchUp for Web, you get the ability to import and export various file formats. With your SketchUp Go subscription, you can import and export the following formats:


  • 3D; 3DS, DAE, DEM, DWF, DXF, KMZ en STL
  • 2D; DWG, DXF, JPG en PNG


  • 3DS, Collada, DWG (2D/3D). DXF (2D/3D), FBX, KMZ, OBJ, VRML en XSI 


SketchUp Go subscription €115,00 excl.