SU Podium

With SU-Podium, the photo-realistic rendering plugin for SketchUp, you can create stunning images with standard SketchUp in no time. With the very simple user interface, no instruction is required and anyone who can operate SketchUp can handle SU Podium!

gary petrovski

New in version v2.6 plus

SU Podium v2.6 Plus adds a number of interesting new features, including:

  • Compatible with the latest version of SketchUp Pro, 2019 M2

  • Integrated Stage Browser Paid Content for access to 20,000+ ready-made 3D SketchUp models of high quality

  • Completely updated interface for Stage Browser

  • HDRI exposure: Use an HDRI image for the exposure and background of a render

  • Faster rendering of large models.


SU podium €249,00 excl.
SU podium update €60,00 excl.
SU podium study €99,00 excl.


SU Podium 2.6+
Podium browser