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SketchUp for Desktop 2023.1

The new version of SketchUp for Desktop is available! We are very excited, this update makes the SketchUp for Desktop working experience even faster and more efficient. What's new in SketchUp? We've listed the most important updates for you.


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SketchUp 2023 installer


New installer for SketchUp Pro & SketchUp Studio (for Windows)

An important update! This update replaces the current installer so you can easily integrate SketchUp Studio features into SketchUp Pro. It improves the visibility and accessibility of SketchUp Studio features. (Previously only downloadable separately as plugins)

SketchUp Pro's default applications are automatically checked. Decide if you want to integrate the SketchUp Studio features or not. Select the features you want to adopt, install the new features and you are ready for your new workflow!


Revit Importer (for SketchUp Studio and Windows only)

Save hours on Revit-to-SketchUp workflow. One of the most requested features has finally been implemented. The Revit importer connects the two most important tools in the industry: SketchUp and Revit. Import Revit models accurately and time-efficiently to the SketchUp environment. You'll save hours and in some cases even days!

Importing Revit into SketchUp was always possible, in previous versions it was just cumbersome and took a long time to get the model back to a presentable state. All geometry was triangular, materials were not transferred and all objects were placed randomly. You had no tags, no groups, no components, etc. You were spending hours, sometimes days to get everything right again. Fortunately, this is now solved with Trimble!

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Revit import SketchUp Studio 2023

  • It speeds up imports and provides a clean workflow, even for complex models. No triangulation or irrelevant geometry.
  • It ensures proper collaboration between project phases, teams and other stakeholders.
  • It automatically optimizes imported Revit files for SketchUp 2023.
  • Imports are neatly translated into SketchUp groups, components and tags
  • Converted files are much smaller than before.

This importer is essential for an accurate and fast workflow. You have more time to refine your vision.

Note: Do you have a SketchUp Studio subscription? Then you'll have access to this feature as soon as you update to SketchUp 2023. Do you have a SketchUp Pro subscription? Install the Revit importer in SketchUp and start the 30-day trial. You don't need a Revit license.


If you are satisfied with the Revit importer and would like to continue using it, please contact us for an upgrade to a SketchUp Studio subscription.



Flip tool

With the brand new "Flip tool" you visualize with ease! Mirror the design and use the red, green or blue areas to flip and confirm the correct orientation. This way you no longer have to search for "Flip along" and its result.

You mirror the design without unnecessary actions. That saves time! Tip: Enable "Flip Copy" to create a symmetrical copy of a single part or the entire design. Use existing parts to create a completely symmetrical design.




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LayOut 2023

New in LayOut: 


DWG reference

Import DWG files for reference. It works the same way LayOut manages .jpg and .png formats. Now it also works with all images, text files and AutoCAD drawings. You will receive a notification as soon as a .dwg reference changes. Also if the link is outdated, the reference file gets a relink or if it has been deleted. All .dwg references are easy to view and edit using the "File Reference Manager". All reference files always remain intact and up-to-date. You keep all edits such as scaling masks and shape styling in LayOut when the files are updated.

More new in LayOut:

  • 2-point / custom rotation

    Set a non-zero degree baseline for rotation transformations for better alignment of objects. The custom rotation helps the user to align objects that are not already on the 90 degree line.
  • Overrides for tag visibility versus styling

    Coordinate linestyles in LayOut. This enhancement makes it easier to create a coordinated linestyle in a viewport, copy it and use it in multiple scenes.
  • Verbeterde camera prestatie voor viewports

    The 'Pan' mode at a viewport has also been stabilized. Select "Preserve Scale on Resize" for better camera performance without 'jerky' image.


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